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Pond construction step 5/7:

Installing the technology

While constructing the pond it is recommended to consider the filter technology you need. This way you can easily position the individual components on dry ground.

  • Fill a layer of pond soil or sand into the deep water zone and cover it with a thin layer of pebbles.
  • As first step calculate the water volume of your pond to be able to choose the correct pump and the correct filter accordingly.
  • Put the pump into the deep water zone. Hoses and cables can easily be hidden under the folds of the pond liner. Fit the filter – depending on the system – near the edge of the pond.


Pressure filter or flow-through filter? The EHEIM complete filter sets, the LOOP flow-through filter set or the PRESS pressure filter set, are perfectly coordinated combinations of pumps and filters that ensure permanently clear and healthy water. If you are thinking of adding a water feature, the EHEIM water feature pumps create impressive fountains.


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