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Pond construction step 6/7:

Filling the pond and finishing the edges

Carefully fill your pond with water, making sure that the liner doesn’t bloat.

  • Only fill the deep water section to start with (1). As a result the pond liner will mould itself to the pond contours.
  • After filling, the pond liner can be tucked down into the surrounding soil and a capillary barrier (see step 1) can be built from pebbles or stones (2). This prevents the soil being washed into the pond and nearby plants from absorbing water from the pond.


It is important to take the water meter reading (if possible) before and after filling the pond. This will give you the exact volume of water in your pond which is an essential factor in calculating the dosage for water treatment products. If you use a water softening system to treat hard water, we recommend you turn it off whilst filling the pond.




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