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Pond construction step 7/7:

Planting your pond

With plants, there is an abundance of choice however, using the correct plants can improve the water quality.

  • For shallow areas, coconut matting or aquatic soil are suitable as a subsoil and baskets or pots can be planted up prior to being placed in the pond. Pots restrain the roots and slow the growth of the plants but the pots often remain visible so the best solution is to conceal them with stones and after placing the plants, cover the soil with a thin layer of pebbles.
  • Begin by planting the deeper areas before slowly filling the pond.
  • In general, calculate 1.5 – 2 plants per m² watersurface. Approximately one third of the surface area should remain free of plants but you can decorate the bog area with big stones.


For more inspiration, please visit our plant section: „popular pond plants“.


Water plants

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