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Do I need pond technology?

Do you want to quickly and simply create an eye-catching feature in your garden? Do you want permanently clear and healthy water? Do you intend to keep fish in the pond? If you answer yes to any or all of the above questions then finding the correct technical products is essential. Perfectly coordinated pumps and filter systems ensure a natural circulation, filter harmful substances and keep the water crystal clear. Easy and uncomplicated – guaranteed!

  • If you are planning to construct your first pond, we would recommend you install the correct pond technology, suitable for the pond size, before you fill the pond with water. This ensures the products are positioned in the correct position and on a stable foundation. For ease and efficiency, we recommend you use one of our complete sets such as the flow-through filter set LOOP or the pressure filter set PRESS!
  • If you already have a pond and you want to install a suitable system for it, the compact range of EHEIM products are easy to install and are simple to maintain. Check out our product range and see for yourself!

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