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What is the purpose of pond filters and pumps?

Your garden pond is a reflection of nature but the natural ecological environment can never be 100% reproduced. EHEIM Filter and pump technology closes the gap.

The pump is the key component for every garden pond. When positioned in the deepest part of the pond, the pump ensures continuous water circulation and (creates) the necessary oxygen supply as well as effortlessly pumping the water to the filter.

Important factors to consider when choosing the correct pump are that larger dirt particles can pass through the pump without causing blockage problems, the pump is as quiet as possible and it is guaranteed to run smoothly for 24 hours a day – every day!

The pond filter cleans the water pumped through it mechanically as well as biologically as both processes
are essential for a healthy ecosystem and for permanently clear water.

  • Pressure filters offer the added advantages that they can be two thirds buried, concealed at the edge of the pond and therefore don’t disturb your view of the garden.  For example PRESS - our complete pressure filter set.
  • Flow-through filters are especially easy to operate and maintain and can be comfortably (discreetly) installed at the edge of your pond. For example LOOP - our complete flow-through filter set.  

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