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Why do I need a pond aerator?

Oxygen is absolutely essential for the biological development of your pond and even more important if you keep fish. Oxygenating plants are available for ponds but they do not guarantee a sufficient oxygen supply. A pond aerator will help.

  • Pond aerator in summer: The oxygen content in the pond constantly decreases with increasing solar radiation to the point where the plants can no longer compensate. The consequence of this is an increased growth of algae and unhealthy living conditions for fish and other pond inhabitants. Our pond aerator, AIR, oxygenates the circulated water and therefore guarantees a healthy climate with crystal clear water.
  • Pond aerator in winter: In the cold season the oxygen production of your pond plants constantly decreases and, although the metabolism of your pond fish will slow down, the oxygen content starts to get critical for the pond inhabitants when a layer of ice forms on the surface of the pond. The AIR aerator interrupts the formation of a solid layer of ice and ensures that harmful gasses can escape.

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