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Pond planning 5/6:

Further tips and hints for planning

  • If possible, walk around the chosen site and decide the best vantage point to view the pond.
  • From your chosen vantage point you should be able tosee the lowest plants, such as water lilies, at the front and the tallest plants at the back.
  • Don’t worry if you have pets! If the bog zone is correctly constructed, your cat or your dog can drink from the pond without endangering themselves or your fish.
  • When choosing your pond fish, be sure to take their future well-being into consideration and do not over stock. Fish waste quickly clouds the water and supports the formation of sludge and algae.
  • Perfectly coordinated pond pumps and filters not only guarantee clear water, they are also essential for creating a lasting, healthy climate for pond inhabitants and plants. Installing the correct pond technology will ensure your pond quickly becomes an attractive and thriving ecosystem.

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