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Pond planning 1/6:

The right location

You will be surprised how easy it is to turn your garden into something very special by adding a personally designed pond. In early spring your garden is still quite bare so the location of your pond can be easily determined. You can decide where you will have the best view - maybe from a patio where you can relax and enjoy the pond or maybe you would like to have a seating area nearby? In early spring the garden is not yet overgrown - ideal for determining the correct location. A few factors which are also important for the planning:

  • The sun is essential: Most of the pond plants ideally need 5 hours of sunlight per day but too much sunlight will warm the water and encourage algae to grow.
  • The pond should be situated away from groups of trees to avoid you spending too much time removing fallen leaves from the pond. Even coniferous evergreen trees, such as fir and spruce, continuously renew their needles.
  • When planning, make sure that you can walk around your pond without any problems. This will simplify future maintenance and make it easier to observe your pond inhabitants.
  • Before constructing the pond, make sure electrical sockets and an outside tap are accessible.

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