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Pond planning 2/6:

The correct size

Whether you have a small space or a large area, a pondof any size is the perfect  addition to your garden.Whether this area has curved borders or straight lines, we recommend the shape of the pond is designed to suit the natural landscape of your garden. Large or small, Asian (formal) or naturally colourful: However you design it, your pond will create an eye-catching and naturally harmonious recreation area. Important for planning the pond:  

  • A finished pond always seems to be smaller than it appears in theplanning phase.
  • If you are planning on introducing fish into the pond, you will need a minimum 80cm deep zone to ensure the fish can survive through the winter.
  • The technical pond products you need will be determined by the size of your pond (measured capacity in litres). Please make sure that the pond filter is big enough as, by choosing the correct products, you can ensure that your pond will be the ideal biosphere for both animals and plants.

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