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Popular pond inhabitants

For many people, goldfish are as much a part of having a pond as water lilies but, there are several other fish you can choose from. A little bit of background knowledge is essential as you want to be sure you are
introducing the correct fish into the right environment. We have put together some facts for you including how the different species react and how you can create the best possible environment etc. First of all some basic principles:

  • »No fish for the first 2.000 litres!« You should not keep fish in a pond with less than 2,000 litres but, if your pond has more than this, you can think about introducing some fish.
  • It’s important to know which species can peacefully live together, which fish are loners or can be kept in groups and how much space they will need when they are fully grown.
  • Is your pond deep enough? Your pond should be at least 80 cm deep to enable your fish to survive the winter.
  • Is there enough open swimming space as well as densely planted areas which will provide your fish with a place to hide?
  • Do you have the correct pond technology? If you keep fish, you will have to consider the additional fish waste when choosing your pond pump and filter. The calculation for the correct amount of water needed per fish is important so please ask for advice from your local aquatic retail shop.

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