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Popular pond inhabitants 6/8:

The Bitterling

Bitterling, along with the roach, stickleback and minnow, are counted among the species of pond fish that remaining small. The bitterling, the smallest carp species, got its name due to its bitter taste. Bitterling reproduction is very special as the reproduction only occurs in symbiosis with painter’s or river mussels.
The female Bitterling lays single eggs into the gills of the mussel and these eggs are immediately fertilised by the bitterling male. Each mussel only contains 1 or 2 eggs but the female repeats the process until she has laid up to 100 eggs in different mussels. This special symbiosis effectively protects both the bitterling eggs and the hatchlings, inside the mussel shell, against other fish searching for food. This refined method guaranteed the survival of bitterling for a long time but, due to the strong decline of the mussel stock, the survival of the bitterling is also endangered.

  • Name: Rhodeus sericeus amarus
  • Length: Approximately 6-8 cm
  • Grouping: Group of 5 or more animals
  • Characteristics: Very peaceful, domestic fish; Multiplies vis mussels (please insert only one  mussel per bitterling pair and not more than 4 bitterlings per cubic metres pond volume)
  • Live well with other small species.  If you want to breed bitterlings, it is recommended you keep them exclusively.

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