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Popular pond inhabitants 8/8:

The fathead minnow

The fathead minnow is not related to the domestic minnow but is a relatively new breed from North America - often referred to as the „fathead carp“ . The fathead minnow prefers to live in schools and usually stays directly under the water surface – the perfect place to observe them. Fathead minnow are quite tolerant as far as temperatures are concerned but they require very clean water with a high oxygen content and, ideally, a light water flow. After breeding once, the fathead minnow has an average life expectancy of only 2 years but,
if they breed again and again, they can live for up to 5 years.

  • Name: Pimephales promelas
  • Length: Up to 9 cm
  • Grouping: Keep at least 10 fathead minnows in a group
  • Characteristics: Very lively animals which like to swim at the surface. They require a high oxygen content in the water and therefore a pond aerator is recommended.
  • Live well well with other small pond fish such as roach or bitterling.

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