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Popular pond inhabitants 1/8:

The goldfish

Goldfish are among the most popular inhabitants of the garden pond in Central Europe for a good reason: Goldfish are very robust and friendly animals and do not place high demands on their environment. They are very curious and in the evening they will swim near the water surface, making them the ideal pond inhabitant if you like to watch your fish. Goldfish are sociable animals so you should keep at least 4 or 5 fish together in a group. Please note that: Goldfish don’t develop their characteristic golden colour until they are pproximately 1 year old.

  • Name: Carassius auratus auratus
  • Length: up to 30 cm
  • Grouping: Goldfish are sociable animals (keep 4-5 animals together)
  • Characteristics: Goldfish breed rapidly
  • Live peacefully with bitterling or minnow

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