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Popular pond inhabitants 2/8:

The Koi

Many pond owners dream of an elegant koi pond. Koi are very friendly, peaceful animals but they also have very specific requirements in their environment. Experts recommend a pond with a minimum volume of 10,000 litres as koi need a lot of space - some of these ‘Kings of the garden pond’ can grow up to 80 cm long. Koi are very sociable fish and love to live in groups of at least 5 equal-sized conspecifics. They are a cultivated breed of the carp family and tend to search for food at the bottom of the pond, rummaging and chewing through the bottom of your pond and eating your plants. Koi are very sensitive to cold and need an environment with high oxygen content. The correct pond filter and pump system is absolutely essential for keeping koi due to the fact that they heavily pollute the water and stir up the sediment in the bottom
of the pond. Only feed special koi food!

  • Name: Cyprinus carpio
  • Length: Approximately 60 – 80 cm
  • Grouping: Always keep in a group as they are very sociable animals!
  • Characteristics: Peaceful, rummaging pond fish, they heavily pollute the water and therefore a high performance filter is needed.
  • It is recommended to only keep koi in a koi pond.

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