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Popular pond inhabitants 7/8:

The minnow

The minnow is a cheerful, domestic fish, that generally lives in flowing waters from Central Europe to Asia.
In former times the minnow or “Maipiere” was considered a coveted delicacy in the Rhineland and, in some regions of Russia, the minnow is still caught with towed gears and fish traps and eaten. Anglers used the minnow as bait fish but, in Germany, the minnow is a protected species and it is illegal to remove minnows
from their natural habitat. They can be kept in a pond with smaller domestic fish species that have similar requirements such as the sunbleak or the bitterling. The minnow requires clean water with a high oxygen content and the temperatures preferably should not exceed 20° C.
Exciting: Minnows are used for monitoring the tap water quality.



  • Name: Phoxinus phoxinus
  • Length: Up to  10 cm
  • Grouping: Keep at least 10 minnow in a group
  • Characteristics: Very lively animals which like to swim near the surface.  They need water with a high oxygen content and therefore a pond aeration is recommended.
  • Lives well with roach or bitterling

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