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Popular pond inhabitants 5/8:

The Roach

The roach is a robust, undemanding and very friendly pond fish. These animals are schooling fish and should only be kept in groups of 10 or more.  They can live in small ponds but like to have good water quality and enjoy a gentle water flow from a water feature or stream. Roach groups tend to stay in the planted bog area and shallow water - the perfect place to observe them! Roach feed on normal pond fish food but in the summer they feed on any annoying mosquitos that happen to be near the pond. When buying roaches, please remember that, like many small pond fish species, the roach multiplies quite rapidly. The roach lives very well with other small and peaceful fish species such as bitterling and minnow

  • Name: Leucaspius delineatus
  • Length: Approximately 9 cm
  • Grouping: Domestic schooling fish
  • Characteristics: Very peaceful fish which also tolerates higher water temperatures. The sunbleak multiplies rapidly!
  • Lives peacefully with both bitterling and minnows

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