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Popular pond inhabitants 4/8:

The Three-spined stickleback

The three-spined stickleback is extremely undemanding in their environmental needs - stickelback populations survive in very polluted water in the wild. The three-spined stickleback grow to between 5 and 8 cm long and with their characteristic 3 spines they are able to defend themselves against larger enemies. Stickleback form
territories and are quite aggressive during their breeding season against, not only their own species but other pond inhabitants as well. Sticklebacks should always be kept in small groups with a ratio of 2 males to 5 females due to how fast they multiply.

  • Name: Gasterosteus aculeatus
  • Length: Approximately  5-8 cm
  • Grouping: Small groups
  • Characteristics: Flexible but very aggressive during breeding season;
  • Well suited for small ponds. Can be kept with other small fish (bitterling, minnow, roach) but only in very large ponds.

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