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Plants for the pond

There is no doubt that plants make a pond look good but they are also essential to maintain healthy water.
To help you enjoy the long term benefits of your plants, we have put together some useful tips and, of course, a list of the most popular plants

  • Don’t ignore the different pond zones as different plants are suitable for different depths.
  • Before you buy a plant you need to know the basics, such as, does the plant prefer a sunny,      semi-shaded or shady location? Will it need a nutritious soil or is it rather undemanding?
  • Most importantly, is the plant you have chosen hardy?
  • We will show you in two simple steps how to plant your pond very easily. : »Planting the pond«.
  • Try to choose uncomplicated plants if you want to keep the pond low maintenance.

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Planting the pond – it is so easy!

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