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Popular pond plants 2/8:

Flowering rush (Scheuchzeria)

The flowering rush with its rose coloured blossoms, is a decorative rarity among pond plants! The best effect
can be obtained when the flowering rush is planted in groups. This bog plant forms crawling root stocks (rhizomes) and multiplies by dividing roots. In Central Europe the flowering rush can rarely be found due to the destruction of  it’s natural habitats (degradation, cultivation and drainage of bog areas). The flowering
rush is on the Red List in Germany as it’s classed as „extremely endangered“. A good reason to have the flowering rush in your pond!

  • Botanical name: Butomus Umbellatus
  • Hardy
  • Pond zone: Shallow water zone
  • Planting depth: 0-30 cm
  • Plant height: 60-100 cm
  • Blooming period: June-August
  • Location: Shady to semi-shade

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