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The Water lily

The water lily is aptly named ‘Queen of the garden pond’. There is a suitable water lily for practically every garden pond - some lilies need a very shallow planting depth andminimal space requirements while others, such as ‘Darwin’, will put roots down to a depth of 1m and, fully grown, can easily cover 2 square metres of the pond surface. The main advantage of water lilies: If you have chosen the correct lilies for the available space and planting depth, they will thrive with very little maintenance. The water lily is classed among plants with floating leaves because the leaves and flowers lay on the water surface whereas the roots are at the bottom of the pond. We recommend you buy the water lily, ready potted, in a suitable basket and plant it during the pond construction but, you can also do this at a later date.

  • Botanical name: Nymphaea
  • Partly hardy
  • Pond zone: Deep water area
  • Planting depth (mini water lilies): 20-40 cm
  • Planting depth (regular): 40-100 cm
  • Space requirement / extension: From 40 cm
  • Flowering period: May-September
  • Location: Sunny

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