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Pond protection 2/3:

Algae in the garden pond

In every man-made water landscape, algae will form but it is an important link in the biological chain in the garden pond. If the biological balance becomes unstable then increased and harmful algae growth will occur, the water will cloud and hair algae like wadding resp. or duck weed may form. This problem can be resolved with a few tools and a little bit of background knowledge.

  • An increased algae growth in spring is absolutely normal and, with a good filter system and effective filter activation, the biological balance can be stabilised quite quickly.
  • Nearly all algae species are formed when the pond water is too rich in nutrients, mainly due to the decomposition of leaves and other plant remains. This can be avoided if you regularly remove leaves and plant remains etc. from the pond surface with a net.
  • Calculate the number of fish suitable for the size of your pond as overstocking can produce an algae friendly environment.
  • Keep it simple: A good phosphate binder will help in nearly all cases and effectively prevent algae formation.

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