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Your pond in autumn

Are you prepared? The first falling leaves and the cooler temperatures remind us that Autumn is coming and it’s time to prepare your pond for the cold season.  At this time of year, all aquatic plants come to rest and stop growing, the fish eat less and they start to prepare themselves for hibernation (torpor). We have compiled some points to help you prepare for theautumn season:

  • Give your pond plants and grasses a final cut and remove dead stalks and plant matter
  • Regularly remove fallen leaves or protect the pond with a protective net.
  • Rotten water lily leaves, dead underwater plants and mulm must be removed. The EHEIM VAC40 sludge extractor is perfectly suited for this purpose.
  • Before the pond water freezes, you should remove and clean your pond equipment (e.g. pump, water play pump). The filter should be cleaned and stored in a frost-free environment and your pond pump should spend the winter in a bucket of water or simply in the pond itself – this means you will start the Spring with all equipment in good working order.
  • You should now start feeding your fish with easily digestible special food for the cold season.

Now the pond will be clean for the winter and any rotting organic matter will be reduced to a minimum and will therefore not consume any additional oxygen that your fish urgently need. This will also reduce the nitrogen (nitrate) and phosphate nutrients, which are a byproduct of the decomposition processes and are partly responsible for the strong algae growth in spring when the pond water warms up again.

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