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Your pond in spring

The garden season begins in spring – do you want to create a special spot for relaxing in your garden?  Why don’t you construct your own pond? We will show you how easily and simply this can be done in our section “pond construction in 7 steps”.  It will take approximately one day to do all of the necessary work to create your water paradise. If you already own a pond, it will start showing signs of waking up from its over winter resting period.

  • As soon as the weather is frost-free you can spring clean your technical products and filter materials. For a crystal clear start to the new pond year, kick start the activity in your filtration with a biological activator.
  • If you use a UV clarifier, Spring is the time to replace the old lamp (e.g. Glow replacement lamp).
  • At the beginning of the year the water values in the pond tend to be low but treating will stabilise the pH and KH as well as adding much needed vitamins and trace elements.
  • Spring is also the best time to think about additional features for your pond - maybe a water feature or a stream?
  • If you have to refill or top-up your pond, we recommend you add a basic care agent as this guarantees the best water quality right at the start of the new pond season.
  • In spring the temperatures increase causing algae to bloom but this problem can be solved with a specific pond treatment.
  • Regularly removing the dead algae remains with a net will also help keep the pond clear.
  • Spring time is planting time: Check which of your pond plants need pruning and make sure you remove all of the cuttings from the pond.
  • Do you want to replant your pond? Then go to: »Replanting the pond – it’s so easy!«

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