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Your pond in summer

Summer time is the most beautiful time for a pond. In a few easy steps you can ensure that your pond remains a real eye-catcher for the whole summer:

  • Regularly check your pond filter and clean as necessary to ensure everything is functioning as it should.
  • Never switch the pump off overnight as constant filtration is only possible with a working pump. EHEIM pumps are extremely energy-efficient.
  • Permanently high solar radiation can lead to decreased oxygen levels in the pond water but using a pond aerator will help guard against this. Your fish will be happy and, with higher oxygen saturation, your pond water will quickly become crystal clear. In addition an aeration system will effectively cool the water down.
  • When we have permanently nice weather, water evaporates and falling water levels have to be refilled with fresh tap water so a treatment with a basic care agent or a water stabiliser, is recommended.
  • Don’t wait for the next downpour to refill your pond as rainwater can be harmful to both plants and animals. Further information on rainwater can be found at: »Rainwater in the pond«
  • Regularly trim back plants that grow too quickly but, in general, pond plants are uncomplicated. A phosphate binder, used regularly, has a preventive effect against algae growth but if you do have an algae infestation in your pond, don’t worry, it’s not a disaster. Specific treatments can offer a quick and long lasting solution.
  • Fallen leaves in the pond, especially in late summer, should be regularly removed with a net.
  • The warmer it gets, the more active your fish will be so please adjust your feeding routine accordingly.

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