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algenFREI 250ml

Algae remover - quickly and reliably combats all types of algae in garden ponds

EHEIM algenFREI is particularly effective against green algae, floating algae (green water), blue algae and diatoms.

In stagnant water, the nutrient content continuously increases. After hibernation, a high nutrient store is often formed, which then leads to explosive algae growth in spring and early summer.

EHEIM algenFREI helps reduce algae growth to normal levels. The copper sulphate-based algae remover primarily removes green and blue algae, floating algae as well as diatoms, by cell poisoning (copper uptake). Distribute the liquid as evenly as possible in the pond (50 ml to 100 litres of pond water) and then re-dose again after 2-3 weeks in order to destroy any residue.

For best results, use EHEIM pondACTIVE water conditioner one to two days before treatment and EHEIM pond phosphateOUT after treatment.

Information regarding EHEIM algenFREI

  • algae killer based on copper sulphate
  • reliably combats all types of algae
  • specifically targets green algae, floating algae, blue algae and diatoms
  • algae destruction by cell poisoning (copper uptake) the liquid should be evenly distributed in the pond (50 ml to 100 litres of pond water) - re-dose after 2-3 weeks to combat blue-green algae infestation: 10 ml per 1000 litres of pond water every day for 5 days

Use EHEIM pondACTIVE water conditioner before treatment  and EHEIM pond phosphateOUT after treatment

  • 1 x 250ml bottle

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