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algoSTOP direct 500g

Thread algae remover - eliminates thread algae quickly and reliably

EHEIM algoSTOP direct specifically kills thread algae.

Thread algae are long green threads that extend through the water and form cloud-like formations. In the later growth stage these threads often dissolve, leaving the residue floating in the pond. The colour changes from green to yellow then brown, finally forming into a dirty, slimy mixture.

With EHEIM algoSTOP direct you can effectively fight the thread algae plague. The powder is spread specifically on the thread algae, destroying the algae by oxydising the plant cells. The dead algae must always be removed immediately.

Be careful when applying EHEIM algoSTOP direct and ensure it does not get onto other aquatic plants. Accordingly, strong water movement should also be avoided (switch off filter and pumps). You should also check the water values before and during the treatment (use only at pH values below 8.5 and carbonate hardness above 5° dH). To achieve the best possible water values, use EHEIM pondACTIVE water conditioner one to two days before treatment, if necessary – and then use EHEIM pond phosphateOUT after treatment.

Advantages of EHEIM algoSTOP direct

  • algae remover based on hydrogen peroxide (oxygen splitter)
  • effectively removes thread algae
  • easy to apply – just sprinkle on thread algae
  • ensures algae destruction by strong oxidation of plant cells
  • dead algae must always be removed
  • do not sprinkle on aquatic plants
  • avoid strong water movement (switch off filter and pumps)
  • Check water values before and during treatment (Application only with pH values < 8.5 and carbonate hardness >5° dH) use EHEIM pondACTIVE water conditioner before treatment – and after treatment EHEIM pond phosphateOUT
  • 1 x 500g tin

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