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Biological filter granules for all LOOP & PRESS pond filter systems

FILTERBIO is a high quality filter granulate with an excellent biological cleaning performance.

FILTERBIO consists of highly porous sintered quartz and the surface area offers the optimum living conditions for natural colonies of cleansing bacteria. FILTERBIO should be cleaned using cold water and no detergents.

The result: Crystal clear pond water!

  • For all EHEIM pond filter systems such as LOOP or PRESS.
  • FILTERBIO works best in conjunction with Replay and Refine filter pads.
  • FILTERBIO is washable and can be reused several times

Never wash filter media in hot water or use chemical cleansing agents as this will destroy the sensitive bacteria. To ensure the optimum colonisation of valuable filter bacteria, do not clean the filter media before the water flow decreases significantly. After cleaning the filter pads, add EHEIM KICK to achieve quicker biological activation.

  • Biological filter granulate 1440g

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