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Active oxygen for oxygen-rich healthy water

EHEIM oxyPOND regulates the oxygen content and prevents the pond from "tipping over".

Oxygen is vital for all pond inhabitants and all microorganisms and filter bacteria must be supplied with oxygen. Oxygen ensures the permanent detoxification of the water, stabilise the pH value, reduce phosphate as a food basis for algae, clarifies the water, eliminates odours and much more.       

Crucially, on hot days a lack of oxygen can quickly occur - use EHEIM oxyPOND as an immediate aid to prevent the pond from "tipping over".

Simply spread EHEIM oxyPOND over the entire surface of the pond (approx. 100 g per 1000 litres of pond water). Filter systems can still be operated.

Advantages of EHEIM oxyPOND

  • chemical oxygen donor based on hydrogen peroxide
  • regulates the oxygen content
  • removes phosphate from algae as a food source
  • converts phosphate (phosphate precipitation as calcium phosphate)
  • stabilizes the pH-values
  • reduces algae through oxygen separation
  • purifies the water and eliminates bad odours
  • Emergency aid - prevents the pond from "tipping over" on hot days   
  • provides crystal clear water
  • 1 x 500g tin

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