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pond bacteriaSTART

Filter starter for pond filter systems - live bacteria for a quick filter start

EHEIM pond bacteriaSTART ensures clear, healthy pond water.

When starting a pond and setting up your pond filter system, you should inoculate the filter with EHEIM pond bacteriaSTART. The same applies after every filter cleaning.

The mixture of specially bred filter bacteria ensures crystal clear, healthy pond water. Organic contaminants such as food residue, fish excretion, cellulose and protein compounds are quickly broken down and the water detoxified. Nitrogen components are eliminated and biological self-purification promoted. The filter operating life is also extended.

With the EHEIM pond bacteriaSTART special mixture, you can achieve optimum results even at temperatures as low as 8°C.

Simply sprinkle EHEIM pond bacteriaSTART on the moist filter material and let it work for approx. 2 hours with the pump switched off. (After 2-3 days a temporary clouding of the water may occur – this will clear.)

Advantages of EHEIM pond bacteriaSTART

  • mixture of specially bred live bacteria (freeze-dried)
  • for quick filter start
  • for inoculating pond filter systems
  • for use during start up or new setup
  • for use after filter cleaning
  • treats after medication
  • preserves biological self-cleaning/decontamination
  • promotes degradation of organic contaminants (food residue, excrement, cellulose and protein compounds)
  • especially eliminates nitrogen components
  • regenerates organically contaminated water
  • effective even at temperatures as low as 8 °C
  • 1 x 100g tin

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