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pond bioCLEAN

EHEIM pond bioCLEAN mineral/biological pond cleaner - reliably removes pond sludge and provides oxygen.

EHEIM pond bioCLEAN removes sludge, decay and odours as well as enriching the water with oxygen.

EHEIM pond bioCLEAN consists of both mineral and biological  components.

Component A: The mineral component reduces the pond sludge using oxidation. Algae-promoting nutrients (such as phosphates) and toxic substances (such as heavy metals) are bound and therefore permanently removed from the nutrient cycle. Odours are neutralised.

Component B: The biological component ensures the rapid, permanent degradation of sludge, dead plants, leaves and other organic impurities through a special bacterial mixture. Water turbidity is eliminated and the water is enriched with oxygen.

  • To use, premix the two components with water in the recommended ratio as required, mix well and spread evenly over the pond using a watering can. Best results can be achieved at water temperatures above 8 °C.

Advantages of EHEIM pond bioCLEAN

  • pond cleaner - consisting of two components (mineral and biological); to be mixed as required
  • mineralisation and reduction of the sediment layer using oxidation
  • bacterial mixture rapidly breaks down pond sludge permanently
  • removes algae and toxic substances
  • reduces decay and neutralises odours
  • supports biological self-cleansing/decontamination
  • provides all living beings in the pond with vital oxygen
  • safe for fish, amphibians and plants
  • 1 x 500g tin

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