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pond bioCLEAR

Biological pollutant remover - clear water bacteria combats water turbidity and ensures rapid pollutant degradation.

EHEIM pond bioCLEAR quickly and reliably breaks down organic pollutants and ensures crystal-clear water.

EHEIM pond bioCLEAR can be administered at the beginning of the pond season.  Used long-term, it acts as a universal pond treatment for intensive support of the biological self-cleaning process in the pond. The concentrated mixture of natural water bacteria ensures rapid degradation of organic pollutants and combats water turbidity. Odours and foam are also eliminated.

EHEIM pond bioCLEAR should be used regularly, especially after water changes and heavy rainfall (approx. 100 ml to 3000 litres), to support the filter after water changes or filter cleaning.

Advantages of EHEIM pond bioCLEAR

  • bacteria mixture for pond treatment - should be used regularly as a long-term maintenance treatment
  • for the preservation of biological self-cleaning/decontamination
  • filter support during restart or after filter cleaning
  • especially for use after water changes
  • for use after heavy rainfall
  • for use after treating with medication
  • for the removal of nitrite and nitrate
  • eliminates bacterial water turbidity
  • best results at temperatures above 8 °C
  • 1 x 250ml bottle

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