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pond phosphateOUT

Phosphate remover - prevents algae growth through nutrient removal

EHEIM pond phospateOUT binds phosphate and prevents algae formation.

Besides nitrogen, phosphate is the main cause of excessive algae growth in garden ponds. Excess nutrients from fish food, decomposing leaves and plant residue, environmental fertilisers and high nitrogen and phosphate levels in tap water are responsible algae. EHEIM phosphateOUT binds the phosphate and therefore removes the source of food for algae.

EHEIM pond phospateOUT should be used every 6 weeks for phosphate contents above 1.0 and after every algae treatment (e.g. EHEIM algoSTOP direct or EHEIM algenFREI) as well as for algae prevention. The powder is simply scattered over the surface of the pond. Filter systems can still be operated.

Advantages of EHEIM pond phosphateOUT

  • chemical phosphate binder based on calcium chloride
  • removes phosphate from the pond as a food source for algae (transformation by phosphate precipitation as calcium phosphate)
  • stabilization and, when necessary, increase of the pH value
  • additional algae prevention through oxygen separation (calcium peroxide)   
  • to be used for phosphate contents > 1,0

    • after every algae treatment
    • for prevention every 6 weeks

  • 1 x 500g tin

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