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Filter pads for LOOP and PRESS

REPLAYFINE filter pads have a highly porous surface area  that offers optimum living space for essential microorganisms that aid in the biological degradation of harmful substances.

REPLAYFINE filter pads retain both fine dirt particles and  tiny  fine particles which, in conjunction REPLAYRAW and REFINECOAL in your EHEIM pond filter, ensure crystal clear pond water.. The result: Less algae and more healthy fish!

  • REPLAYFINE filter pads can be reused several times by rinsing with cold running water.  Do not use cleansing agents as this will destroy important cleaning bacteria living in the pads. The filter pads should be replaced when it is no longer possible to rinse them.
  • EHEIM filter medias are highly efficient, developed in our own research lab, manufactured with the best raw materials and free from harmful substances - guaranteed.

Never wash filter media in hot water or use chemical cleansing agents as this will destroy the sensitive bacteria. To ensure the optimum colonisation of valuable filter bacteria, do not clean the filter media before the water flow decreases significantly. After cleaning the filter pads, add EHEIM KICK to achieve quicker biological activation. 

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