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EHEIM manufacturer’s guarantee 5+2* years

Manufacturer’s Warranty - Application form

Manufacturer’s Warranty - Application form

The company, EHEIM GmbH & Co. KG, Plochinger Str. 54, 73779 Deizisau, Germany (hereinafter: EHEIM), grants you, as the end-consumer, a guarantee for this product for the lack of defects and the functionality in case of intended use of 5 years from date of purchase. The guarantee is only valid for the end-consumer who first buys the product. If the first buyer sells the product, this guarantee cannot be transferred to the second buyer.

In addition, this guarantee will be extended by a further 2 years if the product is registered within 4 months of purchase by filling in all mandatory fields of the following form.

* Registration is mandatory!

Important product details
Details of the EHEIM retailer that you purchased the product from:
When did you buy the product?
Your address
* Mandatory fields.

Warranty conditions

The warranty insists, in addition to any legal claims from the customer, on delivery of fault free products towards the seller and does not restrict the legal claims for defects from §437 BGB.

The warranty does not cover for wear and tear of parts, for example:  built-in sealing rings, illuminants, burners, impellers and axles.

Our service in a warranty claim comprises of a choice of either compensation, free delivery of a comparable product or free repairs according to the technical requirements. The guarantee will not be extended or renewed through the above-mentioned services. EHEIM obtains the ownership of the replaced parts or devices (products / components). The warranty does not include compensation of direct or indirect consequential damages and shall apply exclusively for the sale to customers within the European Union. The purchaser has to submit his warranty claim to the warrantor in written form via the provided warranty application form within the warranty period and to submit, as proof, a copy of the purchase receipt of the product covered by the warranty.  The warranty will be cancelled if the product has not been installed,  maintained or cleaned correctly by the customer or by a third person, if the product has been damaged intentionally or has been modified, as not intended, in any way.

Data protection notice

Your above stated personal data will be exclusively collected and processed for the settlement of the warranty extension according to the Federal Data Protection Act. After the expiry of the full warranty period, the data will be deleted. If you have further questions about the collection, processing or use of your personal data and their correction, blocking, deletion or in case of the withdrawal of a given approval, you can contact EHEIM free of charge. We point out that you have the right to correct inaccurate data or delete personal data if there is no opposing legal obligation to retain the data.

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